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Discover E Walnut Hills and the Victoria Apartments. Meticulously restored and spacious one and two bedroom units, (starting at $845/month for one bedroom, $995 for two) with all new kitchens, baths, flooring, paint and appliances. Located in the heart of this stunningly well preserved and reprocessed neighborhood.

Each apartment has it’s own, brand new, high efficiency air conditioners as well as onside street parking for all cars. Manifest gallery is on the ground floor and you’re cordially invited to all their art opening events, which take places 9 times a year. There is a coin-op laundry, ping pong table and large additional storage unit in the attic for each apartment. So come check out these apartments today and see for yourself why East Walnut Hills is the place for people who love art, architecture and know a great deal when they see one.

Walk or bike to the adjacent neighborhoods of O’Bryonville, Hyde Park, Eden Park.
Professionally owned and managed by CPR Properties, an interstate development group dedicated to new urbanist principles and sustainable living solutions.